8 simple tips that impact your wallet!

We’re all about saving our clients’ money at Gershfeld Law Group and we have some awesome tips for you to do exactly that. Our goal is to help you get out of debt (be it credit card debt, medical debt, or any other unsecured debt you may have). But what’s the point of becoming debt free through debt settlement if you get right into debt again? Here’s 8 simple tips to help avoid exactly that.

1. Make a Grocery List

We should add to this NEVER SHOP When you’re hungry. That way you stick to the list. Ever gone shopping and all of a sudden you something you hadn’t thought about, or something on sale that you think you need but you probably don’t. “Oooooh, look at that special on 2 dozen cookies!” Not only will you save money but you may also makes some gains on your diet plan!

2. Review your insurance

Don’t stop shopping. As you grow older and factors change, you may qualify for greater and greater discounts. Some even offer extra benefits that could save you money otherwise (rentals, AAA, etc.)

3. Get Energy Smart!

Do the math and see how an investment into better windows, decentralized cooling, going outdoors or other options stand versus straight up A/C usage.

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4. Sleep on it

Seriously. It works both ways. Want to buy something you THINK you need? Sleep on it. You lived before it, you most likely live without it. Worried about financial problems and are looking to make cuts? Sleep on it. Don’t take rash decisions that can become costly down the road (e.g. sell a car for an older one without taking into account repairs, maintenance and taxes).

5. Negotiate your bills

Have Credit Card debt? Think the hundreds of dollars going into interest is ever going to benefit you? Companies like ours offer you the chance to take that debt that will take you years to pay-off and have interest amounting into the thousands…. and offer you the opportunity to turn into one single bill that will mean for you no more lost money to interest and a renewed chance to increase your credit.

6. Stop Eating Out

Cooking saves you money and teaches you a new skill that may make you more attractive to a potential mate (no promises given)! Seriously though, eating out is expensive. Restaurants mark up at least 40% to make a profit. That could be your 40%.

7. Get rid of junk

Chances are… you don’t need it. Go through your junk, sell it and get some extra cash. Apps like Letgo or sites like Craigslist permit you to make a few hundred bucks on that hat you thought you’d wear out but in fact you kept in… your closet.

8. Be a DIY hero

Plumbing, electric work, furniture, computer repairs… DIY tutorials are available all over YouTube and can save you hundreds of dollars for things you thought were emergencies but were in fact DIY projects waiting to be discovered.