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The Gershfeld Law Group (GLG) is always looking to grow our workforce with humble, hungry, and smart team players.

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Humble team players check their ego. They consider the team’s needs above their own. They take ownership of their mistakes, mitigate competitive behaviors, and are quick to praise others. They don’t let success go to their heads, and they aren’t looking for praise. They do their jobs and do it well because the team is relying on them. They understand that it’s all about the greater good, the organization, and our Clients.


Hungry team players always want more. They are in constant pursuit of growth, willing to take on additional responsibilities, and have the professional will to keep pushing when times get tough. Hungry team players are passionate about their work and are self-motivated to move forward without being told what to do next.


People Smart. Smart people understand that people who get along with each other work better together. They have high Emotional Intelligence and they increase the Emotional Intelligence of the entire team. Smart team players are able and willing to work effectively with other humans. They build relationships with those around them and rely on relational power instead of positional power.

At GLG you will find a culture of honorable, competent, high-functioning teams that work seamlessly together. Our team members all possess a strong desire to grow and improve, both personally and professionally. GLG provides the training, resources, and tools to foster that growth. We pride ourselves on providing an environment where trust, respect, good communication, and great leadership are core values. The best part is, we have become one, big, happy family that genuinely enjoys and cares about one another.

At GLG, our motto is “Take care of your team members and they will take care of your clients and business.” Quite simply, our leadership team and our team members are our competitive advantage. They are the ones that make the magic happen! They zealously defend and advocate for our Clients. They properly advise and educate our clients so they can make the best, fully-informed decisions. They provide our clients with the most empathetic and compassionate service and care, and they fight tooth and nail for the absolute best possible settlements.


See what our team members have to say about us:

“What I really love about working in this company is our Mission and Vision, which is ‘Empowering People Affected by Debt by Inspiring Action and Change,’ and our Vision, ‘Explore your Potential.’ In my four years working as a Client Services Representative, my main goal is to provide exceptional service and experiences to all our clients…I really do believe that “People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,” and that is the motto by which I serve our Clients. What motivates me to come to work every day is the Family that I found at GLG. They will not make you feel alone. They will help you to be the best version of yourself every day because for them a little progress each day adds up to big results. Teamwork is always there! That’s why I am so blessed that I have an opportunity to work at this company.”

Dan D, Gershfeld Law Group

“It’s a wonderful feeling every time Nektar, my supervisor, asks me for my opinion on something important. She inspires me during difficult times when I need words of encouragement. Of course “thank you” to Yana, Ana, and Nektar, for teaching us that every mistake is just a learning experience. I’m just really lucky to have this TEAM, oh wait, FAMILY. Thank you!” 

Janine Castro, Gershfeld Law Group

“Hi! I’m Trish Bernal from the Client Services Team here at Gershfeld Law Group. I’m happy to be part of the team. I love helping people, which is exactly what this company does. I love the fact that our Mission and Vision can apply on a daily basis. We empower and make people’s lives change for the better. Gershfeld Law Group taught me to explore more by means of getting to know our clients and helping them in any possible way we can. I’m only here for two months now, but the warm welcome and love by people working here, makes me want to stay longer and do my job better! Hustle! Hustle!” 

Chris Bernal, Gershfeld Law Group

“Working in the customer service industry for 8 years is really amazing, especially when you get to talk to a lot of people. But with the Gershfeld Law Group, it’s another story. Our upper management and teammates are the best! Always there to help us, they train us to look out for one another. This wonderful company didn’t just train us to be good at handling calls, they taught us to treat our clients like family and give them the best experience a company has to offer. Make them feel warm and fuzzy. With these kinds of people around you, and the knowledge they provide, we will not only help our clients become debt-free, but we can also explore our potential!” 

Nikki Golifardo, Gershfeld Law Group

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