Trapped in Debt? Unfortunately, you are not alone. Thousands of Americans have fallen into the Credit Card Debt Trap and can’t get out.

Would you like to know how you could free yourself from debt in a shorter period of time? Would you like to possibly pay less each month than you are currently paying and have all the money go to reduce the principal debt amount instead of to high-interest rates? Would you like to potentially save thousands of dollars in the process? If yes, then you have come to the right place! The Gershfeld Law Group, P.C. can help you get the debt behind you “As Quickly As Possible For As Little As Possible.”


The Gershfeld Law Group specializes in Legal Debt Resolution and Creditor Defense Actions using legal and financial strategies to help thousands of Americans get out of debt as quickly as possible for as little as possible. Without a well thought out strategy and a reputable law firm that has your back every step of the way, it’s simply very difficult, if not impossible, to get out of the trap.

The Gershfeld Law Group has built itself a reputation of being forthright, knowledgeable, and zealous advocates for their clients. We will educate and advise you so you can make the best and most informed decision to deal with your unique situation. We do not use a “cookie-cutter” approach for all our clients. Our attorneys, and qualified, experienced, debt analysts, will thoroughly review your financial situation. They will then use their knowledge, skill, and expertise to customize an individualized debt resolution plan for you.

Some people need help obtaining a loan. Others have debt that is preventing them from qualifying for a loan, so that first needs to be addressed. Others just need a handle on their budget and need some tips on how to better do that. If debt settlement doesn’t look like it’s the best option for you, we can discuss other options that are available to you, such as bankruptcy protection. Sometimes, we will advise you to do nothing but tighten your belts and tear up your credit cards. It all depends on your individual and unique situation.

We will help you take an objective look at your situation, so you see the action needed to get out of debt. Getting out of debt will require disciplined action and a change of certain behaviors. We know change is scary and not easy, but change is the only way to get different results. The Gershfeld Law Group will help you stop the vicious cycle, and get out of debt once and for all!

Let this year be the year you make a commitment to becoming debt-free. Call us for a personal and free consultation where we can review your financial situation and walk you through possible options!

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