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Legal Debt Resolution

The Gershfeld Law Group specializes in Legal Debt Resolution and defending Creditor Actions.


Legal Debt Resolution, also known as debt settlement, is a process where we negotiate with your creditors to get you out of debt as quickly as possible for as little as possible.

We negotiate on reducing the principal amount of the debt. By making just the minimum payments, Consumers are not even touching the principal debt amount.

All the money is going to high-interest rates, and that is the trap that is keeping Americans indebted to Creditors with no end in sight. Legal Debt Resolution is where that vicious cycle stops!

Debt settlement is a specialized service and highly aggressive financial strategy for getting out of debt that actually works!

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By negotiating with your creditors, we can get you out of debt faster and better than with any other option out there, and we can actually save you money in the process!

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