Who Is GLG?

The Gershfeld Law Group, P.C. is a multi-jurisdictional, Consumer Rights Law Firm that specializes in helping Americans with their debt and finances so they can live a debt-free and financially secure life.

Not much can ruin our health and well-being more than stress and anxiety about finances. Unfortunately, thousands of Americans are miserable, depressed, and scared because they don’t feel financially safe, and they don’t know what to do. The Gershfeld Law Group, P.C. has helped thousands of Americans gain financial security by getting rid of their debt “as quickly as possible for as little as possible.”

Back in 2006, after the economic collapse as a result of the housing market crash, Yana Gershfeld, the Law Group’s Founder and Lead Attorney, became very interested in the debt crisis in America.


Yana began reading and researching everything she could about Consumer debt. Almost everything pointed to the “Credit Card Trap.” After understanding how credit card companies (and other lending institutions) entice and then trap, unwary consumers into accumulating large amounts of debt and staying in debt with no end in sight, Yana decided to focus her practice and passion on a new goal–to help struggling Americans fight the credit card companies and get rid of their debt– once and for all!

We are all meant to grow, achieve, explore, and strive to reach our potential. We believe there is nothing sadder than unfulfilled potential. Unfortunately, it’s hard to advance, grow, and explore our potential when our basic needs of financial security and safety are not being met. The Gershfeld Law Group is built upon Ms. Gershfeld’s foundational belief that everyone has the right to live a happy and debt-free life. Call us for a free consultation so that we can help you explore your potential!


Let us help you take back the power you have given to the credit card companies, so you can breathe again, live again, and EXPLORE YOUR POTENTIAL!

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