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Yana Gershfeld knew she wanted to be a lawyer ever since she was 8 years old. Coming from a large, loving, and loud family, even as a little girl, Yana had a large voice.

Much to the shock of her adult family members, Yana could quickly end disputes among her family members by seeing through the drama to the heart of the issue, and by finding ways to make each side see the flaws in their own reasoning, or see the common ground both sides shared. Following the goal she set out for herself, right after getting her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with an emphasis on Socio-Legal studies, Yana went to New England School of Law in Boston, MA.


While there, Yana took a Civil Motions Practice course that was taught by Justice Brassard, an active Justice of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Superior Court. In a letter of recommendation, Justice Brassard wrote: “Ms. Gershfeld argued a number of motions in that course and wrote legal memoranda. I was impressed both with her oral advocacy and writing skills.”

After receiving her Juris Doctor from New England School of Law in 1998, Yana worked for a very well respected Massachusetts high-end tort law firm, Milne Law Office. Upon leaving Milne Law Office to move to California with her husband, Chris Milne, the owner of the firm, wrote the following about Yana: “I expect that Yana will be a very successful legal advocate and at all times will have her heart, mind and ethics in the right place and with the best interests of her clients.

After moving and passing the California Bar Examination in 1999, Yana Gershfeld worked as a research attorney for four (4) Los Angeles Superior Court Judges where she gained invaluable experience about litigation from “behind the scenes.” In 2001, Yana Gershfeld hung up her shingles and started the Law Office of Yana K. Gershfeld. For over eleven years, Yana Gershfeld worked as a solo practitioner as a Civil Litigation and Trial Attorney with an emphasis in Real Estate and Business Litigation, as well as Medical and Dental Malpractice Litigation. Yana single-handedly built a successful law firm by word-of-mouth advertising and earned a respected reputation in the Los Angeles legal community as a relentless, fair, and diligent advocate.

After the recent economic collapse, in part as a result of the housing market crash in 2006, Mrs. Gershfeld became aware of the many people that were struggling to meet their basic needs and survive in a difficult economy. Seeing so many struggling to stay afloat to pay their bills, living pay check to pay check and barely making ends meet, Yana Gershfeld saw just how many relied more and more on credit cards to survive. Sadly, these people were not using their credit cards on luxury purchases. Rather, they were using credit cards to pay for food and gas after running out of money at the end of the month!


Mrs. Gershfeld began to read and research everything she could about credit card companies. After understanding how credit card companies (and other lending institutions) entice, and then trap, unwary consumers into accumulating large amounts of debt and staying in debt with no end in sight, Ms. Gershfeld decided to focus her practice and passion on a new goal–to help struggling Americans fight the credit card companies and get rid of their debt– once and for all! The Gershfeld Law Group is built upon Ms. Gershfeld’s foundational belief that everyone has the right to live a happy and debt free life. Let us help you take back the power you have given to the credit card companies…and breathe again!


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