The Gershfeld Law Group provides a variety of legal services, ranging from Debt Relief to Civil Litigation and Business Transactions. We pride ourselves in providing excellent legal service with a personal touch. At the Gershfeld Law Group, you are not just a name. We take pride in having a personal relationship with each one of our clients.

Here at the Gershfeld Law Group, we understand that “Strategy” makes the difference between success and failure. Every move we make on behalf of our clients is carefully planned and methodically executed. With proper leverage and excellent negotiation skills, we always put our clients in a position of strength so they can effectively achieve their goals.

Let this year be the year you make a commitment to becoming debt free. Call us for a personal and free consultation where we can review your financial situation and walk you through a number of possible options!!!

Our Mission .

At the Gershfeld Law Group, our mission is to help our clients reclaim the power their creditors have taken from them, and to help them breathe again! Notice, we don’t promise to give back their power–we promise to HELP them take it back themselves. Any company that promises to get you out of debt is making you an empty promise. NO ONE can do it for you–but TOGETHER– we can help you get out of debt, and we can do it relatively quickly and painlessly.

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Our Services.


Legal debt resolution has become a solution for thousands of people across the country, and when managed properly, can result in significant savings. Please call us and speak to one of our debt analysts to see if Legal Debt Resolution is an option for you


If your finances have brought you to the point where you are considering filing for bankruptcy, please call us for a free consultation so we can explore all options with you and help you make an informed decision.


Our attorneys collectively have over 50 years of litigation experience and have represented individuals, as well as businesses and corporate entities, in a wide variety of legal disputes. Please contact us today and set up a free consultation to discuss your legal needs.


Foreclosures are still on the rise. If you are involved in a foreclosure proceeding, or are heading in that direction, the Gershfeld Law Group can help you fight back and possibly save your family home. Please contact us for a free and thorough review of any and all options available to you.


As a result of our attorneys’ extensive litigation experience, when handling business transactions for our clients, we are keenly aware of what language must be placed inside a contract in order to prevent litigation from arising, and/or to protect our clients in the event a dispute arises. Please call us today and let us protect you by making sure you are entering into a sound business transaction.


“I have known Ms. Gershfeld since 2002…she has proven to be a passionate, conscientious, and ethical member of the Bar.”

Lawrence House, Esq.

“…Ms. Gershfeld is that lawyer–a model attorney. She is forthright, knowledgeable and a zealous advocate for her clients…”

Maxim Vaynerov. Esq.

“I have known Mrs. Gershfeld for almost 20 years and can attest to her strong moral character, diligence and dedication to her clients…”

Yuri Voronin, Esq.

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