Things to know before getting a credit card

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Between looking for the best option and learning about all the hard consequences it could bring if don’t use it correctly makes getting a credit a very stressful experience. Here we share some information that can be useful in case you’re considering getting your first credit card. First of all, it is important to know what a credit card is. … Read More

How to get started?

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Are you feeling like you have much too much debt to even bother trying to pay it off? At the Gershfeld Law Group, our mission is to give our clients relief from their financial troubles. Before diving into how to deal with your debt, familiarize yourself the terminology used to categorize debt so that you know what you have. First, you have to … Read More

Debt Settlement or Bankruptcy?

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How is debt settlement different from bankruptcy? That’s a great question and a common one too! Debt settlement (unlike bankruptcy) is a private negotiation with our legal team and your creditors. Bankruptcy is a public filing that is accessible to everyone including potential employers, current creditors, future creditors etc. Bankruptcy can stay on your credit report for the next 7-10 … Read More

Federal Reserve hikes up interest: Do you have credit card debt?

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Rising interest rates spell fatter returns on credit cards for banks this year — but not for customers trying to save for a rainy day. Americans have entered 2017 groaning under $992.4 billion in credit card debt. Following the Federal Reserve’s December interest rate hike of 0.25 percent — and with up to three more similar rate increases expected this … Read More