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There are plenty of debt settlement companies out there. The fact is that as the need for the service increases, so will the supply (a.k.a. debt settlement companies). So you might wonder, “Why should I go with a law group vs. a debt settlement company?”

Great question! And the answer is easy: debt settlement can lead into suits against you and a debt settlement company can’t do much for you in that regard. A law group like Gershfeld Law Group however can see you through the entire process from beginning to end – even if it goes to court. A debt settlement company will essentially tell you that it’s time to find legal counsel. Please take that into consideration when determining what debt solution provider you will opt for. It can make a world of difference for the outcome of that debt relief you desire and, of course, financially as well.

Gershfeld Law Group is here for you. Contact us if you have any questions or are interested in our services.

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