Long term savings is it the best option?

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Well, yes!

Keeping your money in a regular savings account is no longer a way to see it grow. Actually, a minimum percentage of earnings is what you get after several months of leaving your money in the closest bank.

A long term savings account will for sure give you higher earnings, but before signing up your monthly earnings we recommend to search for the bank that offers flexible time of commitment and higher interests in your favor.

Also, make sure you decide if short or long term is optimal, depending on your possibilities and the goals you have in mind for the money you will save. Take in consideration, that a longer term doesn’t always mean a higher return of interests from your investment.

Also, NO RETURN but having a nest egg is better than nothing at all. One of the most common contributor to severe debt is a life event to which you have to look towards credit cards as a solution (car breakdown, injury, etc.).

There is no BEST option. All there is is preparation to take the RIGHT the decisions at the RIGHT moment. Severe credit card debt, a bankruptcy, etc. can seem insurmountable. But the reality is that at Gershfeld Law Group we have seen so many situations where credit scores and reputation seemed impossible to save and yet… debt relief was found.

Get out of debt. Stop drowning in interest. Give us a call.


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