Life after debt?

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We have helped so many people come into a life without debt and the one question people ask is… what now?

First of all, you have to celebrate! Right? What an accomplishment. Seriously. Most people DO NOT get out of debt and many people who do get right back in. But after the elation of being debt free has passed it’s time for some serious thinking!

You did well under debt, do better outside of it

All the hard work and discipline that comes with debt management shouldn’t go to waste. The time has now come to spend your money smarter and think ahead to the future. The first thing you feel when debt is paid off is the ample room you are left with financially. Shopping sprees means going back to debt. Investing in your future means living a life without every worrying of such a thing happening. Whatever you do, don’t let your training go to waste. Keep saving, keep your habits of intelligent spending and keep focusing on the future.

You now have money… what do you do with it?

Having extra money that you no longer throw at debt presents you with options. You can spend it on a car that depreciates rapidly or you can invest into something that will net a nice return down the road. Whatever you do, remember: you can now focus on having your money make you more money instead of burning it in a bonfire of interest and debt!

Never forget

Despite the options before you regarding your future, there is a lesson to be had that should be just as present no matter how much time passes: you’ve tasted the burden of debt, do your best to never go back. That emergency fund you setup? Grow it. Your habits that you picked up? Nurture them. We’d love to have you as a client again but we’d prefer that you never have need of our services ever ¬†again. Debt is serious. It changes lives. But you now have two things for you:

  1. You are as prepared as you ever will be in regards to fending off unnecessary debt
  2. You can always count on us just in case…

If you are currently in debt, know that that isn’t the end of everything. Many people have come through our doors and left with a peace of mind that only a debt free life can provide. Give us a call if you are interested in living a life that is debt-free.

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