Expensive wedding season?

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According to The Wedding Report, wedding costs are on the rise across America.

As real estate, taxes and technology rises in value weddings are one of the first things that go up as well.

From 2013 the average cost nationally has gone up by over 1000 dollars and in California weddings are more expensive than ever. The most common solution for wedding costs? Credit cards. 

Credit cards are great in that you are able to manage costs over periods of time. The downside is that interest and changes of circumstance directly lead, in some cases, to unmanageable debt. 

Perhaps you or someone you know has fallen victim to credit card debt by way of a wedding or similar expense. Don’t worry. Gershfeld Law Group has helped many people in similar situations. We are available to talk to you about how we can help you with your credit card debt if you are currently struggling to manage your finances. 

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