How to avoiding debt

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Avoiding debt by buying what we need, not what others want

Fashion! This little word is somehow ruling our world, it tells our children what to watch, wear, use, buy, eat and even how to speak.

But let’s be honest, does it happen to teenagers only? Not really, we are so influenced by TV and what stars wear, that a particular brand, is not only a part of our wish list, but a MUST HAVE; and what makes it worse, in order for us to have it and be “in”, sometimes we end up using credit cards and increasing our debt.

If we prioritize a debt free lifestyle, this is one of the first thing we need to avoid: buying for vanity instead of necessity.

We have to really stop and purchase what we need, and once we have covered all our needs, we could give ourselves a treat by getting what we want, if we can afford it without credit.

We should also take in consideration if we really need something we want or is it to have exactly what other people have, like a really expensive brand. Often generic brands work just as good as the ones on tv.

What matters the most is having a comfortable lifestyle, being free from debt and leaving appearances behind. Sadly, as soon as we are done pay for a fashion item, a new one has replaced it and here we go again, using credit, paying high prices and high interest rates. Instead we can teach our children to not let others decide for them on what to buy, to be themselves, have their own style and not looking exactly like everyone else. We can teach them to be smart and buy what they need at a lower price. In the end, they will have more to spend in experiences. More importantly they will live debt free and save for their future.

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