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At the Gershfeld Law Group, our mission is to help you reclaim the power the credit card companies have taken from you, and to help you breathe again! Notice, we don’t promise to give you back your power–we promise to HELP you take it back yourselves. Any company that promises to get you out of debt is making you an empty promise. NO ONE can do it for you–but TOGETHER– we can help you get out of debt, and we can do it relatively quickly and painlessly.

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It will take change of certain behaviors. We know change is not easy, and that most of us are scared of change–but change is good and change is sometimes the only way to get different results! We are not going to fool you into thinking you don’t have to do anything. You will have to put some effort into getting debt free, but were are here to make it as simple and easy as possible. All that we ask is for you to:

1) have a burning desire to be DEBT FREE
2) set the goal of becoming DEBT FREE
3) make a commitment towards that goal. We will do the rest.


At the Gershfeld Law Group we understand that every one’s situation is unique. Some of you got into debt because of careless spending and inability to budget. Some of you lost jobs. Some of you had unexpected medical expenses that put you over the edge. Some of you may have gone through a divorce and lost a second income, and some of you have children or grandchildren that needed your help and depleted your savings. Just as every one’s reason for being in debt is different, the way out of debt for everyone must also be different. At the Gershfeld Law Group we do not use a “cookie cutter” approach for all our clients. Our debt settlement specialists will go through each one of your financial lives in great detail and will customize an individualized debt settlement plan for each one of you. If debt settlement doesn’t look like it is the best option for you, we can discuss other options that are available to you, such as bankruptcy protection. Sometimes, we will advise you do nothing but tighten your belts and tear up your credit cards. It all depends on your individual and unique situation.
Let this year be the year you make a commitment to becoming debt free. Call us for a personal and free consultation where we can review your financial situation and walk you through a number of possible options!!!

Our Goal–To Stop the Credit Card Companies from Bullying you into Staying Indebted to Them Forever

At the Gershfeld Law Group, PC we know how it feels to be up against Goliath. As a solo practitioner for over thirteen years (13), Yana Gershfeld has dedicated her life to helping the small, the oppressed, and weak (but brave) against large insurance companies, corporations, businesses, and individuals. It has been Yana Gershfeld’ s lifelong mission to give a voice to those that can’t, or are afraid to speak up, and to force those that turn a deaf ear–to listen. There are no tricks to what we do, and while you can certainly try to settle your own debt, unfortunately the big credit card companies don’t take the individual consumer seriously. In fact, rather than listen, they intimidate and harass consumers with endless phone calls and threats of financial harm. The Gershfeld Law Group is here to protect you by stopping the bullying and getting you out from under their control–once and for all!
Just as every client’s situation is different, so is every creditor. Before we act, we analyze who the enemy is. Once we have a good understanding of what and who we are up against, we strategize a plan of attack that will best resolve your individual situation. As a civil litigation and trial attorney, Yana Gershfeld understands the discipline, skill, and analysis that goes into every move. Yana Gershfeld will treat each one of your situations as a separate and distinct war that requires its own unique strategy and plan of attack. We look forward to the chance to help you win the debt war with the creditors that are enslaving you– so you can be free and live again!

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The Gershfeld Law Group provides a variety of legal services, ranging from Debt Relief to Civil Litigation and Business Transactions. We pride ourselves in providing excellent legal service with a personal touch. At the Gershfeld Law Group, you are not just a name. We take pride in having a personal relationship with each one of our clients.


Here at the Gershfeld Law Group, we understand that “Strategy” makes the difference between success and failure. Every move we make on behalf of our clients is carefully planned and methodically executed. With proper leverage and excellent negotiation skills, we always put our clients in a position of strength so they can effectively achieve their goals.


Let this year be the year you make a commitment to becoming debt free. Call us for a personal and free consultation where we can review your financial situation and walk you through a number of possible options!!!